Computer and Internet Policy

A. Sign up policies and procedures

  • Non-patron users must check in with a librarian
  • Computer time may be reserved by phone a maximum of 24 hrs in advance
  • Reservation expires 10 minutes after patron is tardy
  • No more than 3 patrons may use each computer. Number may be limited to less than 3 at the librarian's discretion.
  • Staff assistance may be provided when possible
  • Staff reserves the right to limit or deny computer use based on Library Board policies
  • Time will be limited to 1 hour if other patrons are waiting

B. System Restrictions

  • No installation, modification, or deleting system files
  • No modification of system settings and configurations (including all upgrades)
  • No storage of personal files or downloads on the system

C. Computer Etiquette

  • Patrons must provide own earphones when using audio programs
  • No sending or displaying offensive messages or pictures
  • No using obscene language
  • No food or drink is allowed near the computer
  • If a pornographic website or material is displayed accidentally, immediately exit the internet. If you can’t exit, Shut Off the Monitor and get help from a library staff person.

D. Computer Security

  • Users can not expect privacy or supervision
  • Users are at risk when sharing private information in chat rooms, or messaging
  • Users are at risk when private information is saved in cookies on the system
  • Internet sites may be blocked from access based on policies
  • E-mail users must have own, private, e-mail accounts
  • The copyright law of the United States (Title 17, U.S. Code) governs the making of reproductions of copyrighted material. The person using the library's internet or wireless internet connection is liable for any infringement.
  • No violating security systems of any computer, software, or network (No Hacking)

E. Policy Violation

  • Policy violation(s) will be dealt with on a case by case basis
  • Computer use may be lost, denied, or restricted
  • Future computer use may require a signed permission slip from a guardian
  • Violation of any Computer Policy must be reported to the Library’s Board of Directors

(Revised 10/17)