Behavior and Supervision Policy

A. Scope:  The public library is a fun place to learn and explore, and it is a place where appropriate public behavior is required and supervision by staff is not guaranteed. The library staff will use these policies to determine the appropriate judgment for each case.

B. Policies:  

  • All patrons are expected to behave in a manner appropriate for a public library.
  • Guardians are ultimately responsible for their children, even if the child is unattended or with a child-care provider.
  • The library is not to be used as a day-care service for unattended children.

C. Unattended Child.  An unattended child is not supervised by an adult or enrolled in library program, and is typically 6 years or younger but a judgment on the child’s maturity level and emotional status must be considered.

These guidelines apply to Unattended Children:

  • It is not the library’s intention to seek out unattended children, but to create a safe public learning environment.
  • Distraught children may be comforted by the staff.
  • Staff may use library resources to contact child’s guardian or child care provider, and may request immediate collection of the child.
  • The child will be encouraged to remain in the building until collected.
  • The staff may refuse to release the child to a non-guardian.
  • The staff may contact the sheriff's office if judgment warrants the situation.
  • Under no circumstance will a staff member take a child out of the library.

D. Disruptive Behavior.  This is behavior that interferes with patron library use, or staff ability to conduct library duties.

These guidelines apply toward Disruptive Behavior:

  • Staff will determine if a child is unattended and disruptive, and act accordingly. 
  • Patron accompanying a disruptive minor may be informed of the behavior.
  • Patron will be warned to correct behavior.
  • Patron may be told to sit quietly.
  • Patron may be excused from a library program.
  • Staff may ask patron and patron’s party to leave for the day. 
  • Staff will avoid evicting a patron from the library who is not capable of getting to a safe place.
  • Staff may use library resources to contact a minor’s guardian or the patron’s care provider and inform them of the situation and resolution, and/or request them to collect the patron.
  • The staff may contact the sheriff's office if judgment warrants the situation.