Circulation Policy

Roland Public Library Circulation Policy

All materials may be checked out for a period of two weeks, with the exception of movies and periodicals. New release movies are checked out for two days, and older movies and periodicals are available for one week.

A. The cost of checking out movies is as follows:
          Movies classified as “new” - $1.00
          All Other DVDs - free
          Employees, trustees and other volunteers and their immediate family may check out movies free of charge. Free loan certificates may be distributed at the discretion of the            director for one-time volunteer gratuity, promotions, prizes, etc.

B. Books may be renewed for an additional two-week period, unless they are reserved for another patron.

C. DVDs may be renewed by repaying the rental cost unless they are reserved for another patron.


Fines and Fees

Materials that are kept beyond their checkout time will be subjected to the following:

1. All materials with a two-week checkout period will be given a grace period of one week.

2. Items with a checkout of less than two weeks will have a three-day grace period.

3. For all materials, with the exception of DVDs, fines accrue at a rate of 5 cents per day.

     A. Materials not returned after two months will be considered lost, and the borrower will be billed for the material.

     B. If lost material is found and returned before six months has passed, a refund in the amount of 50% of the fine will be given to the borrower.

     C. Lost material returned more than six months late will not be eligible for a refund.

4. Movies will be assessed fines at a rate of 10 cents/day for older (one-week checkout) DVDS and 25 cents/day for newer (two-day checkout) DVDs

5. Fines will begin to accrue the day after the due date. Fined will not exceed the cost of replacement.

6. A “Fine Jar” will be established at the front desk. Patrons will be made aware that fines for non-DVD materials will be based on the “Honor System.” Staff will post a sign for the

recommended amounts per day based on current rates.


Materials that are returned damaged will be assessed as follows:

1. Materials damaged beyond repair by the patron are the responsibility of the patron. Replacement cost or physical replacement will be the responsibility of the borrower.

2. Materials damaged but still usable will be assessed a fine on an individual basis at the librarian’s discretion


Collection of Materials

1. One week following the end of the grace period, the library will offer a courtesy call regarding the return of the material.

2. Two weeks following the phone call, a second reminder call will be made.

3. Two weeks after that, a letter will be mailed as a warning that if the material is not returned within two weeks, they will receive a bill for the late material.

4. Two weeks later, a bill for the materials using the collection form letter (Part E, Form 4) will be sent to the patrons via certified mail.

5. If after one month payment has not been arranged, the matter may be forwarded to the City Attorney.

6. Fees for damaged or stolen library property may be added to patron’s city bill.



Theft Policy

1. Applies to library property deemed stolen or vandalized.

2. Applies to patron or staff property deemed stolen or vandalized on library property.

     a.) Library staff and board are not responsible for stolen/vandalized personal property.

3. Punitive actions will be made by Library Board consensus on a case-by-case basis accounting for recidivism and particular gravity of the case.

4. Punitive actions may include, singly or combination of, and not limited to:

     a) Library volunteer service.

     b) Suspension of library privileges

     c) Replacement of property (including all expenses incurred by replacement)

     d) Contact of authorities, and seeking prosecution.

5. The Library Board may seek legal counsel.

6. Punitive actions may be appealed in writing to the Library Board.

     a) The Library Board may send a copy of the appeal to the City Council.