Bulletin Board/Display

A. Scope: These policies serve as guidelines for items submitted by the public for display on bulletin boards, designated display cabinets, or display areas. Due to the variety of display items, the library staff or Roland Public Library Board of Trustees  evaluate suitability for display. Displayed items do not imply library endorsement of content, or accuracy of statements made in such items.

B. Process for getting an item displayed.

  • The item submitted by a Roland Public Library patron, or resident of the City of Roland will be given priority.
  • The item is submitted to the library staff, thus releasing control of the item to the library.
  • The library assumes no responsibility for preservation, protection, damage or theft of any item submitted.
  • The Library Director or staff designee will evaluate if a display item meets the guidelines.
  • Rejected item will be held for further review by the Library Board at a regular meeting allowing petition by the submitter.
  • Accepted item will be held until display space is available, then will be dated and displayed.
  • Library staff determine how an item is displayed.
  • Display time will be 4 weeks or until the event has expired. 
  • Once display time is met, item may be removed, and disposed at any time at the discretion of library staff.
  • Item may be rejected if it, or near duplicate, already had display time.
  • Library and City of Roland items will take precedence for available space and timing.
  • Item will be disposed in a manner at the discretion of the Library Staff, and/or Library Board.
  • Item may be claimed by submitter if requested prior to removal date.
  • It is the submitter’s responsibility to claim the item on or before the removal date.
  • Item is returned “as-is”.
  • Item is not guaranteed to be returned.
  • At any time, without notice, a display item may be removed by library staff, or the Library Board for further evaluation.
  • Grievances regarding displayed items may be made to the Library Director or Library Board.

C. Display of circulation items.

  • Circulation material is selected by library staff to serve the Roland public, and therefore exempt from this policy.
  • Library staff will evaluate the visual/written impact of a circulation item, and display or shelve it accordingly.
  • Grievances regarding circulation material may be made to the Library Director or Library Board.

D. Content of items submitted by the public for display.

  • It is the submitter’s responsibility to assure websites (and links) referenced by the item conform to library policy during the time the item is displayed.
  • The submitter must notify the library staff if an item should be removed due to policy non-compliance.
  • The submitter is responsible for keeping displayed content updated.
  • Even though the submitter released control of the item, they are still responsible for the content.
  • All content must be in compliance with Federal Law, State of Iowa Law, and Iowa Hate Crimes Law.
  • All visual content must be suitable for viewing by all age groups.
  • All content must be free of pornography.
  • Partisan political information and campaign material is prohibited.
  • Non-partisan political information must conform to this policy. 
  • Any political information may be removed to comply with election day voting ordinances.
  • Ridiculing, or defaming content is prohibited from being displayed.
  • Issue advertisements are prohibited.

E. Item size and numbers.

  • Variance in size and number may be decreased or increased by the Library Director according to available space.
  • Posted items will be no larger than 15 x18 inches.
  • Leaflet maximum size is 8.5 x 11 inches, and a maximum of 20 leaflets will be accepted.
  • Parameters for other display items will be made at the discretion of the Library Director.

F. Fund-raising materials.

  • The library will not accept containers for collection of funds for organizations or individuals.
  • The library may collect funds for the benefit of the Roland Public Library.
  • Non-profit organizations supporting the Roland community may submit item(s) for evaluation.
  • The mechanism and type of support will be considered during evaluation.
  • Events with a participation fee, auctions, or sales are not solely monetary solicitations and thus exempt from this section.